St. Louis Transmission

Free Computerized Transmission Diagnostic Check Out

15 to 20 years ago transmission shops were only dealing with a couple of different types of transmissions with common symptoms. Today there are many transmissions in use with new ones showing up every day. Many of today's transmissions are computer controlled, which could potentially mean that the cause of the failure lies somewhere other than with the transmission, even though the transmission is hurt or has failed.

To properly diagnose the transmission's condition and give a proper estimate for repairs, our technicians must perform a series of extensive tests. The transmission type and version must be determined and then the specific problem must be identified. Then we can determine whether the problem is in the transmission or external electronics. Finally, we must find the likely causes for the problem. Once this information is known an accurate explanation of the vehicle's condition can be given as well as options for repair and warranties. There are times when the transmission has a mechanical failure internally and may have to be inspected to give proper estimates. There is no way to properly diagnosis this type of problem over the phone.

*Note: On Occasion, because of electrical or electronic problems indicated, further diagnosis will be necessary to determine the case and possible fix for the malfunction. In such situations the Manager will ask for approval to go ahead with a more in depth study of the problem. This may include the use of an electronic scanning device or other equipment designed for the purpose. There may be a charge for this diagnostic service, in which case the Manager will explain it in detail and ask for your authorization to continue the diagnostic.